Nana's Manners Stage 2 - Fork & Spoon

Nana's Manners Stage 2 - Fork & Spoon

The Stage 2 Fork & Spoon set - for 12 months old plus are a child's first introduction to using left and right utensils to practice their hand to eye co-ordination. The fork and spoon set is designed to focus on supporting children's confidence to use tools whilst eating foods independently. 


Stage 2 sets help develop children's confidence in eating with thier thick bulky handles which encourage children to hold with the Palmer Grasp, a natural grip for toddlers to start with. Children can begin to develop and fine tune their hand and arm muscles to learn movements that require precise controls.


Once children turn 12 months old they can be safely introduced to metal feeding tools. The short length and rounded edges make the Nana's Manners Stage 2 set perfect for toddlers who are ready for the 'next step' in self-feeding.


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