Purée Feeding Set

Purée Feeding Set

If you are looking for the basics to get you started with purée feeding, then this set is for you!


The Purée Feeding Set includes all of our favouirte products:

  • A Bibetta long sleeve neoprene bib
  • The Doidy Bowl
  • Doidy Cup
  • Pre-Spoon GOOtensils by numnum


Order all of these four products together in this set and recieve a 10% discount compared to buying them seperatly.


When you order this set please let us know which colours you would like in the 'customise your order' text box. We can't promise all colours are in stock but we will do our absolute best.


Available colours to choose from:

Doidy Cup - Green, Blue, Red, Pink

Doidy Bowl - Blue, Red

Bibetta Bib - Pink hippos, Blue/Pink Flamingos, Green Owls, Dark Blue Foxes



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